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Tesco builds on its coaching foundations with the launch of a new programme for personnel managers

Tesco has launched a coaching programme to 900 personnel managers and 50 group personnel managers and plans to extend the scheme into 2011.

Working with Buckinghamshire-based Full Potential Group, the objective of the programme is to build on the coaching foundations already in place and to create strong, confident leadership coaches throughout Tesco stores.

For the group personnel managers, the key objective was to create a group of dynamic, powerful coaches who can stimulate senior leadership and key managers.

The personnel managers are coaching line managers towards their full potential. In turn, Tesco hopes this will help the business to deliver outstanding results for customers and shareholders.

Transformational and behavioural coaching within Tesco Stores is providing individuals with the next level of skill and development so they confidently coach up, across and down.

As a direct result of delivering the interventions in phases, giving individuals a chance to review refresh and step into the next level, the scheme increased return on investment, built internal coaching capability, helped underpin the required behaviour change and ultimately delivered long-term sustainability.

Carole Gaskell, CEO of Full Potential Group, said: "Our team enjoy working with Tesco staff, managers and directors on this programme. It is deeply satisfying to see them become even better coaches, with all that this implies for them personally and professionally."