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Telefónica Digital rolls out HR technology to attract staff and drive operational agility


Telefónica Digital is implementing a new way of working for its people with the launch of policies, processes and systems in a move that will help attract and keep staff, drive operational agility and support the development of a dynamic high performance culture.

Formed in October 2011, Telefónica Digital is a global business unit created by Telefónica, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, to seize new growth opportunities in the digital world.

Called Aura24, the programme will provide an HR setup that supports the company's plans to move quickly in the digital space by building, buying and accelerating new products and services. Aura24 will include a new operating model with a transparent organisational design and clear roles and responsibilities for all staff.

A policy and processes framework will set global high-level rules but provide the flexibility for employees to be individual and creative. Technology solutions to support the strategy will be based on world-class tools and will favour 'cloud' services accessible by employees anytime, anywhere over the internet.

The result will be simplified access, deeper insights and the ability to ramp up HR for new businesses in the group.

As part of the programme, Telefónica Digital has selected Workday's state-of-the-art, cloud-based HR system that can be accessed via any web-enabled device. Workday will enable Telefónica Digital to provide a single solution for all global employees that supports all aspects of their working life, including performance management & analytics, compensation management and booking time off. The Workday solution will also provide a lower overhead cost and the ability to add new users and geographies quickly.

Telefónica Digital will also deploy its first global social intranet, based on Microsoft Sharepoint so staff can quickly find people, share expertise and knowledge, and make better decisions faster.

An e-learning tool, developed by Telefónica Learning Services, called A+ will offer a catalogue of online training courses for employees.

Telefónica Digital is also in the process of implementing a new candidate management system.

"This sends out a very clear message that Telefónica Digital is the place for high-performing people and innovation," said Simon Linares, group HR director, Telefónica Digital. "Aura24 is an integrated HR approach that will help us to recruit and develop top people then reward them for excellent performance. It will provide the flexibility and agility to align with Telefónica Digital's business mission to outperform in the digital economy and grow new business streams at the same time as we protect our current assets."

"Telefonica Digital understands how an innovative HR and talent management strategy, based on the right technology solution, can aggressively drive its business into the future," said Amy Wilson, vice president HCM product strategy. "We are proud that Telefonica Digital has selected Workday to support its HR transformation."

Over the summer, Telefónica Digital will move into new headquarters in Air Street, central London.