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Public sector needs reform not knee-jerk job cuts, says Recruitment and Employment Confederation


An ill-conceived dash for short-term cuts in public expenditure could cause irreparable damage to the delivery of frontline services, according to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC).

The recruitment body has warned the public sector needs reform and new models of delivery, not knee-jerk job cuts.
The REC launched its public-sector resourcing campaign, Make It Work! Earlier, this week, which will promote alternative methods of delivering public-sector services by making the most of flexible resourcing and acquiring new talent to lead the transformation of public-sector organisations.
The REC's campaign will focus on convincing the major political parties and public- sector organisations that reform, rather than random cuts, is what's needed in response to the public-sector expenditure crisis.
Kevin Green (pictured), chief executive of the REC, said: "A new approach to public-sector resourcing is urgently needed. If new and workable methods aren't implemented, short-term cost reductions will severely hamper the delivery of public services. Flexible resourcing must be seen as part of the solution rather than part of the problem."
The REC is calling for political parties and public sector organisations to recognise creative solutions to reduce the cost of back-office functions, improved levels of procurement, the cost of public-sector employment, maximising top-level talent, flexible working and outsourcing its recruitment to the private sector.

Green added: "Experience shows that if sustainable reform is not implemented, expenditure will increase as soon as the pressure on costs is removed. Improving current processes combined with new ways of working could deliver huge efficiency in the public sector.  It's time for the public sector to take a new approach and use its recruitment partners to help it do things differently and more effectively."