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People reporting: What to cover


Any move towards integrated reporting means HR needs to get on board with corporate reports

People reporting: What to cover

“Integrated reporting is a principle-based approach so there are no mandates on what you report,” says Laurence Collins from Deloitte. “That means it’s a far more pragmatic approach for HR to be involved in.”

As such, there are many options for human capital reporting. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Talent reporting: Measure how people are progressing through the organisation and what the trends in internal promotions are. Look at performance and productivity.
  • Strategic workforce planning: How sustainable is your organisation? Do you have the capabilities you need for the future? Are the right people in the right roles - and will they still be in five years’ time? What are the flashpoints and where are the risks?
  • Incentive and reward: As organisations are forced to become more transparent, letting shareholders and potential investors know how senior executives are being rewarded, and why that creates value, will become more common.
  • Skills investment: How much are you spending on L&D, and how can you measure the ROI? Is this helping plug potential future skills gaps (see: strategic workforce planning)?
  • Engagement: Investors will want to know people in an organisation are motivated, aligned to company values and totally on board with the business strategy.
  • Social activities and CSR: Being engaged in the societies in which you operate is the goal. Interserve measures the impacts of its community projects, and pays close attention to how well people from deprived backgrounds can progress in the business.
  • Contractors: You might be able to accurately report on how many members of staff you employ, but what about contractors? Think about the agencies you use around the world. Do you have a labour code?
  • Health and safety: More relevant in certain sectors than others, where time lost to injuries can be a critical measurement of success.