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ONS: UK productivity levels not markedly improving


Working environments are hindering productivity, with only 54% thinking their workspace aids this

UK productivity levels are not markedly improving, with output decreasing by 0.7% between October 2015 and November 2015, according to a report from The Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ‘Index of Production’ report found that there were decreases in all of the main sectors, with manufacturing, mining and quarrying, and electricity and gas making the largest contributions to this decrease.

The world’s largest independent measure of workplace effectiveness, the Leesman Index, has responded by suggesting that the workspace is a major contributor to worryingly low output.

Tim Oldman, Leesman CEO, said that it is imperative that business leaders analyse the reasons behind poor productivity levels and that they look to working environments. “As a global, independent think-tank, the Leesman Index measures workplaces effectiveness in supporting work activities as well as recording employee satisfaction levels with numerous workplace features and services,” said Oldman. “We have spoken to more than 135,000 employees across the world and the latest data has revealed that office environments can and do hinder productivity.

“However, the UK fares slightly worse than the global picture. From the 49,053 respondents based in Britain, only 54% think their workspace allows them to work productively.”