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One in three employees dissatisfied with career progression

One-third of employees within the UK do not feel their career to date has met their expectations, according to research by the CIPD and Halogen Software.

The CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook survey is based on a poll of more than 2,500 British workers.

But despite frustrations about career progression, the number of employees satisfied with their current role has increased over the past 12 months, up four percentage points to 44%.

The report also reveals that more than one-third (37%) of employees see it as unlikely they will fulfil their career aspirations at their current employer.

Figures from the research suggest career training can be an important tool in retention. Only 12% of employees who are satisfied with the level they receive at their current employer are looking to leave, compared to 23% overall.

CIPD research adviser Jessica Cooper told HR magazine reasons for dissatisfaction may start as early as school.

"While 31% of respondents said the problems stemmed from being in the wrong job, 30% put it down to not being given sufficient career guidance," she said.

She added that when candidates do start work there are ways employers can minimise frustrations around career development.

"Giving feedback when people have unrealistic expectations is one way to manage this," she said. "Some progressive employers are even advising people that they might not be able to meet their career aspirations and explaining where they might go to do so."