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Met accused of racism again


A second senior member of Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) is reported to be planning to sue the organisation for racism.

Just days after Assistant Commissioner Tarique Ghaffur was put on gardening leave after his high-profile race discrimination case against the Metropolitan Police,Yasmin Rehman - director of partnerships and diversity in the Territorial Policing division - has alleged she was the victim of "racist bullying and victimisation".

Rehman is the Met's most senior female muslim employee, Her role is reported to be equal in rank to a chief superintendent.

The Evening Standard reported that Reham is also head of diversity at the Met, However the Metropolitan Police has denied this is true.

A spokesman from the organisation said: "[Rehman] is not Head of Diversity for the MPS as previously reported, but in fact holds the post within Territorial Policing as director of partnerships and diversity. She has no direct connection with the Commissioner [Ian Blair].

"Ms Rehman is a valued employee. If she is contemplating an Employment Tribunal, this would be a matter of regret but we would want to work with her to resolve whatever grievances she may have without recourse to the courts."

This comes only days after an Employment Tribunal found that the Metropolitan Police Service did not discriminate against another Muslim member of staff, Shabir Hussain, who alleged that four times white colleages were promoted instead of him. And earlier this week Tarique Ghaffur, assistant commissioner at the Met was suspended pending his own £1.2 million race discrimination claim.

The Met has reiterated that it is employing three times the amount of officers from ethnic minorities than it did ten years ago and has pledged to continue to do this.