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Managers: coaching takes too much time


More than two fifths (42%) of managers in the UK and Ireland find coaching employees to be too time-consuming.

According to research from global consultancy firm BlessingWhite, 32% of managers across the globe identify coaching as their biggest challenge; in the US the figure was 29% and in Asia 38%.

Employees in the UK and Ireland receive the least coaching across the 17 countries surveyed with 61% claiming not to be coached by their managers.

Almost a third (30%) of managers said their main reason for not coaching staff is that they do not have all the answers.

Tom Barry, UK managing director of BlessingWhite, said: "It can't be forgotten that employees are a business' greatest asset, even amidst the global financial crisis. Coaching is one of the most effective methods of aligning employees with organisational priorities. It can also boost performance, develop the leadership pipeline, engage employees and improve retention. Senior management must work to address this perception, especially at a time of economic difficulty."