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Majority of workers want to help their company save money by cutting energy consumption


Nearly nine out of 10 staff (87%) think it is important to help their employer cut costs and 78% are prepared to be more energy-efficient to save money.

Almost half would help their employer save money if they knew what to do and 42% would be motivated into action if their employer just asked for help - but 55% have never been given advice on how to be more energy-efficient. And 82% of employees surveyed said they regularly or occasionally see colleagues wasting energy at work.

Forty six percent of employees are more likely to help their employer save money now, than before the credit crunch, according to the Carbon Trust, which is campaigning to help employers save £1million every day by saving energy.

Of the employees who have been given advice by their employer, 42% said it made them more energy-efficient and 47% said it made them think about how they could save energy at work.

Hugh Jones, solutions director at the Carbon Trust, said: "In this climate, employers are being forced to make some difficult and painful decisions in order to drive down costs. But, as our survey reveals, employees want to do their bit and are increasingly saving money around the workplace as part of their responsibility too. This could help businesses save up to 20% on energy bills through low-cost or no-cost action on energy efficiency.

"Simply by switching machines off after use, or turning the heating down in warm weather, organisations can make real savings on their energy bill. This is a win-win situation for UK employers."