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KPMG study shows the bigger the company the greater the commitment to CSR

There is a 'clear link' between the size of an organisation and it commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and diversity, according to KPMG.

Research from the accountancy firm shows organisations with a turnover of more than £50 million are twice as likely to have CSR and diversity policies in place.

The research, based on a survey of 955 companies that supply KPMG, shows more than 61% have a diversity policy in place, 53% have a CSR policy, 13% have environmental management certification, 60% measure waste reduction and recycling, 55% track energy consumption, and 45% measure water consumption.  

Mark Powderham, KPMG's head of procurement for Europe, said: "We conducted the survey with a view to establishing two things about the supply base.  First, to what extent do companies share our corporate values with regard to CSR, diversity and inclusion.  As an organisation we are proud of our CSR and diversity credentials and as such we want to work with organisations for which these agendas are equally important. Second, to what extent does the demographic profile of companies reflect the demographics of the communities in which we work.

"Just as it makes perfect business sense to cast the net as widely as possible in the ‘war for talent', KPMG is equally committed to ensuring that we tap into the full value, flexibility and innovation available in the wider market place."

The survey also found that 20% of companies from the technology sector are focused on their sustainability and diversity agenda compared with 50% of travel companies.