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HR vital for business creativity, says Hummel CEO

HR has a crucial role to play in driving an organisation's creativity, according to Hummel CEO Christian Stadil.

Stadil, who is also co-author of In the Shower with Picasso, told HR magazine that companies should embed HR into leadership teams to drive creativity and ultimately profitability. 

"Hopefully HR would be part of the management," he said. "We have our HR manager as part of the board, which helps different functions work closely to embed our values."

Stadil added that one of the most important roles HR has to play in the creative process is to "nurture a culture that is devoid of anxiety and fear" in a business. 

"Fear creates a fight or flight mode which kills innovation and creativity within business," he said. "To eliminate this you need a HR department that can place the right people in the right place to strengthen the culture and allow a certain amount of risk without the fear of recrimination. HR really has a big part to play in this."

Stadil also highlighted diversity as a big driver for creativity and stressed the part HR has in reinforcing this in companies. 

"HR has to put together the right teams to drive creativity," he said. "Young and old, women and men, all these different areas of knowledge need to be combined for the best results. It's important, too, that we talk about women and men together, not women as opposed to men."

Lene Tanggaard, knowledge group manager at Aalborg University Department of Communication and Psychology and the other co-author of In the Shower with Picasso, told HR magazine there are practical things HR can do to nurture a creative culture. 

"It can be basic things like getting payroll right and having a good recruitment policy," she said. "It's not just talking about creativity and innovation, HR has to put the structures in place for these things to succeed."