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HR magazine wants to give HR directors the recognition they deserve


?Coronavirus and its ongoing impact both in and outside of work has pushed the people profession to its limits. Shifting business priorities to focus on the health and mental wellbeing of employees has been one of many challenges, alongside the logistical reality of furlough, home-working and then a safe return to work another.

The way HR teams have handled this crisis is deserving of recognition. That is why we’re looking for HR directors and chief people officers that have gone above and beyond in their leadership of employee strategy in this time.

Nominations for the 2020 HR Director of Year can be made here.

Fiona Deal, executive director of people and technology at Network Homes, took home the award last year. Speaking of the accolade, she told HR magazine: “Winning HR Director of the Year in 2019 was a career highlight, even more so because we won four other HR Excellence Awards alongside it.

“It felt like a validation and huge recognition of the work my team and I had put into transforming the culture of Network Homes.”

Reflecting on the efforts of HR colleagues over the past year, Deal added: “To the person who wins HRD of the Year in 2020 I say hats off to you.

“To achieve such recognition at a time when the world of work and its people challenges are going through unprecedented change as a result of the global pandemic is not just an achievement; it’s a commitment to a brave new world.”

To be considered for this year’s award we will need the name, title and company of the HR director you would like to nominate. A brief description of why they should win this year’s award is also required and an email address so we can get in touch should we need any more details.

You can make your nomination by filling out this short form.

Those interested in attending the HR Excellence Awards 2020 gala on 26 January 2021 can send all ticket enquiries to alma.watson@markallengroup.com