HR leaders experiencing the most stressful year of their careers

HR leaders across the globe have experienced the most stressful year of their careers due to coronavirus pandemic.

New research from employee engagement company Reward Gateway has found a lack of resources, time and money has made 2020 the most challenging year for 71% of HR professionals.

The largest challenge was feeling pressure to connect to a remote workforce, followed by keeping up workplace culture and doing more with less time, money and resources.

Half (51%) of employees surveyed from across businesses have said they are now looking to move jobs, citing feelings of underappreciation and a lack of recognition (31%), a lack of support (26%) and insufficient connection to the company (23%), as their reasons for departure.

This aligns with the viewpoint among HR leaders, who reported that they believe their workforce is more stressed (59%), less connected to colleagues (41%) and their organization (32%) and less engaged (34%) since the outbreak of the pandemic.

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Reward Gateway’s chief operating officer Rob Boland said: “As found in our various research around the impact of COVID-19, it’s clear that as HR leaders continue to be asked to do more with less and connect and engage the remote workforce during the pandemic and into 2021, communication, support and recognition initiatives remain at the core of a positive employee experience.”

Reward Gateway survey gathered responses from 751 HR leaders and 1,510 employees at companies with greater than 10 employees from across the UK, US and Australia.