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HR coronavirus roundup


Confused by the latest guidance on coronavirus and what it means for employees? You’re not the only one, so here’s a roundup of our most recent coronavirus coverage to keep you informed and educated over the bank holiday weekend.

UK government set to publish return to work roadmap this week

Boris Johnson has hinted that lockdown restrictions could be eased as early as Monday yet remote working where possible is expected to be encouraged for the foreseeable future.

Employers should introduce 'four days on, ten days off' rota to avoid virus spread

Researchers at the Adam Smith Institute have developed a method they believe will allow the population to reenter the workforce without risking the spread of infection.

Why HR should push the reset button

There’s never been a more challenging time to be part of the HR community, argues Karen Beaven. That’s why HR needs to reset and adapt to the ‘new normal’, whatever that may look like.

Employees will bring new expectations when they return to workplace

UK employees will be bringing with them a whole host of new expectations once they return to work, including greater flexibility and more transparency.

Forget the exit strategy, you need a re-entry strategy

Why employers should start to think of a thorough re-entry strategy for their staff when they return to work in the ‘new normal’ or risk a multitude of HR headaches.