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HR charity network partners with CIPD

The Charities HR Network (CHRN) has signed a new agreement with the CIPD to give it access to a range of training and accreditation opportunities.

CHRN CEO Peter Reeve said that the addition of CIPD resources to member charities would be crucial going forward as the body looks to improve HR practices across the charity sector. 

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Speaking to HR magazine, he said: "This agreement will give our member charities preferential access to resources and training materials provided by the CIPD. This is so important now when the demands on charities continue to increase but they are often working with reduced income and resources.

"At a time when the HR agenda is absolutely critical to all organisations this allows our members, whether CIPD members or not, to benefit from CIPD expertise that might otherwise not be available to them or might be unaffordable. It’s great to see the CIPD as a charity providing that support to our members and the sector."

CIPD chief executive Peter Cheese added that charities have had to work hard for some time while being under resourced.

He said: "Charities face particular challenges and rely on their diverse workforces as well as volunteers to deliver on their purpose and values, often with more limited HR resources.

"We are delighted to further our relationship with CHRN to support the development of the HR profession, capabilities, and practice across this vital sector.

"The CIPD is very committed to helping grow the profession and to professionalise by framing, assessing, and helping to develop the capabilities HR people need in this rapidly changing world. Strengthening the connections and shared support, as well as learning from both our organisations and networks is a mutual intent at this is a critically important time for us all."