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How to create a fun culture in the workplace

HR magazine will hold an interactive, live webinar on creating fun workplace cultures

HR magazine is holding a webinar to examine how HR and business leaders can create fun workplace cultures.

The HR Lunchtime Debate, supported by BrightHR, will discuss whether creating a culture of fun could be the answer to boosting productivity and innovation, easing generational tensions, and increasing retention.

It takes place on 13 January at 1pm GMT.

Join our panel of experts to discuss:

  • What does ‘play’ mean in the context of work?
  • How can HR create playful and fun cultures?
  • What do different generations want from workplace cultures?
  • How can HR get buy-in from senior leaders for investment in building fun cultures?

The expert panel includes HR's Most Influential Thinker Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Manchester Business School; Holiday Extras' associate director of performance and development Carolyne Creed; and BrightHR co-founder Paul Harris.

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Visit http://www.hrlunchtimedebate.co.uk/ for more.