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‘Extreme transparency’ a major organisational trend in 2015


The rise in social sharing and e-commerce will force organisations to become more transparent in 2015, according to a workplace report.

Sodexo’s 2015 Workplace Trends Report highlights public accountability, and the pressure on companies to act transparently as something organisations need to address in 2015.

This “extreme transparency” means the role of corporate reputation management will become more important. The report predicts the rise of “constant real-time reputation management

Sodexo’s chief operating officer for North America, Michael Norris said one person is increasingly able to influence a company’s reputation, impacting on the experience of employees and managers.

He said: “When workers and customers can instantly share their opinions of a company with thousands of people, concerns such as morale, transparency and fairness become an integral part of how businesses manage their reputations.

“Those everyday experiences have bottom line implications when you consider that $3.6 trillion in retail sales are directly influenced by online reviews and social media.”

Other trends the report identifies for 2015 are the increasing use of mindfulness in the workplace, and the rise of ‘airport cities’; where airports become magnets for jobs and drive regional economic development.