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Ensure HR tech is global, says Hootsuite VP, HR and talent


HR technology must be adaptable to several locations with differing employment conditions, according to social media relationship platform Hootsuite's global VP, HR and talent Ambrosia Humphrey.

Speaking to HR magazine at the HR Tech Europe conference in Amsterdam, Humphrey said companies are creating problems for themselves if they fail to develop technology that is suitable for every country they operate in.

"Everybody's looking to bring technology in to solve problems," she said. "But if you bring in something that solves one problem over here and actually creates a problem in another country you're just spinning your wheels."

Differences in employment conditions between the US and Europe are particularly pronounced, according to Humphrey. She added that in Europe conversations are more focused on "not knowing how to execute" due to more a more diverse landscape.

"There is very real legislation, unions and so on that make it quite complex to do business, whereas it's much more monolithic in North America," she said. "We operate in three continents and they're all very different. Not only culturally and in what engages people, but also in what we're allowed to do."

Humphrey pointed to the challenge of creating technology solutions that can align talent and solve communication problems with remote workers without "hurting yourself or breaking a law" in another location.

"Technology can be a solution, but know your business before you bring it in," she explained.