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CIPD launches Law on Tour workshops to help keep employers out of court


The CIPD has launched a tour to help HR professionals focus on employee conduct, performance and attendance issues and on fair procedures that are needed to deal with them.

The programme has been developed as a direct response to the sharp increase in unfair dismissal cases brought in the recession. The 2009 Acas Annual Report cited a total of 52, 711 claims made in that period, a 29% increase on the previous year. This increase in claims is a direct result of organisational downsizing, but it has also increased because former employees are more willing to make claims about the lack of opportunities for alternative employment.

Mike Emmott, employee relations adviser, CIPD, says: "An increase in claims was inevitable given the scale of redundancies in the past year or so, but the extent of the increase is particularly worrying. It's a clear indication that far too many employers are not adopting good practice around employee performance and discipline. In cases where everything has been done properly and in accordance with legal requirements, employers are evidently failing to get the right message across.

"Our workshops have been designed to help employers ensure they have robust and fair procedures in place. They're for anyone considering reviewing how to ensure that their organisation can show evidence of fair and appropriate process, and have confidence in demonstrating that. In tough times, employees under financial pressure have less reason to shy away from making claims and employers can ill afford the cost in money and reputation of not getting it right."

The Law on Tour workshops will provide a comprehensive and essential case law and legislation update. They will take place at the following locations:

Oxford             13 April 2010

Stansted          14 April 2010

London            15 April 2010

Southampton  16 April 2010

Edinburgh        20 April 2010

Manchester     21 April 2010

Birmingham    22 April 2010

Bristol              23 April 2010

Leeds              27 April 2010

Nottingham      28 April 2010

Cambridge      29 April 2010

London            30 April 2010