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Acas' Pre-Claim Conciliation service has solved 70% of cases without going to tribunal

Acas reports has helped businesses avoid more than 2,000 employment tribunal claims in just seven months since the introduction of the Pre-Claim Conciliation (PCC) service.

The PCC service aims to save businesses time, money and stress by tackling workplace issues early to prevent costly and stressful employment tribunals. The organisation reports on average employers spent just over three days using the PCC service, compared with nearly 14 days on a claim that escalates to an employment tribunal hearing.
Since the introduction of PCC, Acas has handled 3,500 PCC referrals from the Acas helpline and 70% of these were resolved without going to tribunal.

Ed Sweeney, Acas chairman, said: "It's reassuring that Acas's PCC service has already helped businesses save a great deal of money - particularly in this economic climate.
"Furthermore, the new Code of Practice should also help encourage better communication and relationships, ultimately making businesses and employees happier and more productive."
"Over time, as managers, HR professionals and employees become further accustomed to resolving workplace disputes internally, savings will be even more significant."
Acas has also expanded its helpline to ensure impartial information on employment relations issues is more readily available to employers and employees.

The PCC service was launched in April 2009 alongside the new Acas Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures following the Government's Dispute Resolution Review in 2007.