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Acas launches fast track system for employee tribunal claims


From this month, employees who settle their employment tribunal claim through Acas can use a new fast-track service to enforce the terms of the agreement, if action is necessary.

In 2009/10 Acas conciliated in more than 85,000 employment tribunal cases. helping to resolve nearly three quarters of them, but in around an estimated 5% of case Acas helped settle, action of some sort was necessary to enforce the agreement.

The fast-track enforcement scheme was introduced by the Ministry of Justice for employment tribunal awards in April this year. It has now been extended this month to include Acas brokered settlements.

Keith Mizon, Acas' directorof individual dispute resolution welcomed the move. He said: "We very much welcome the fact that Acas settlements can now be enforced in exactly the same way as Employment Tribunal awards."

From 1 October employees who do not receive a payment agreed in the Acas settlement will be able to contact the Registry Trust to start the process. 

The fast track system is operated by the Registry Trust, the non profit company which operates the Registry of Judgements, Orders and Fines for the Ministry of Justice.