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A guide is launched to help employers and employees tackle conflict and bullying in the workplace


A training resource that, according to its suppliers, will enable businesses to create working environments that are free from conflict, has been launched.

The 207-page training resource, containing practical team exercises, tips and guidance, is designed to equip employees with the necessary skills to deal with such issues as bullying, and covers a range of topics relating to workplace relationships, including how to raise issues early and workplace mediation. 

The training resource - which is suitable for all staff at all levels and can be adapted into everyday activities, such as meetings or team-building days - tackles five key organisational challenges, including recognising and resolving inappropriate workplace behaviour; establishing a common understanding of acceptable behaviour in the workplace; preventing costly and disruptive investigations and grievances; avoiding damaging negative publicity; and cutting costs on external trainers and consultants.

Launching the product, Coreen Nugent, founder of provider Opt for Learning, said: "In today's economic climate, workers are feeling increasingly stressed and under pressure.  With worry about job security and increased pressure to perform, workplace relationships will unavoidably become stretched.  Tie in different attitudes, styles and approaches, and workplace behaviour has the potential to very quickly degenerate into expensive and unhealthy conflict. The cost to business can be devastating, not only in terms of hefty legal expenses and compensation but ongoing poor performance, low productivity, high absence, staff turnover and poor corporate image."

"Recognising and resolving inappropriate workplace behaviour has been designed specifically to be integrated into everyday work plans and can be delivered by all types of managers and group leaders to ensure employees are skilled and able to raise issues at work before they escalate. The training resource can be adapted and integrated into any workplace and enables the organisation to cultivate a healthy working environment without taking time out from normal business or buying in consultants and trainers."