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10 astounding jobseeker social media blunders

Recruiters reveal the most shocking things candidates have done on social media

The 10 most astonishing social media faux pas have been revealed by job website CWJobs, which found that almost six out of 10 (57%) hiring managers Google their candidate’s name before offering them a position.

The blunders are:

  • A candidate who regularly tweeted and shared racist sentiments
  • An applicant who admitted on Facebook to enjoying ‘duvet days’ instead of going to work
  • A candidate who chose a photo in which they were smoking a joint as a profile picture
  • A potential hire who managed to hide the fact they were a neo-Nazi at their interview, but discussed their views on the internet
  • A candidate with a job offer who boasted on social media that he had got the role by exaggerating his CV
  • An applicant whose LinkedIn history totally contradicted their CV
  • Several candidates who had given themselves inappropriate online monikers, including ‘Bitch Kate,’ ‘Queen Bitch', and ‘Full-Time Dickhead’
  • An applicant who had a social media presence that identified them as a misogynist
  • A candidate that liked to express extreme right-wing views online, and was fond of fox hunting.
  • A supposedly successful lawyer who only had a string of losses appear when their name was searched.

The survey of 638 business decision makers found that 43% specifically looked at social media profiles, and more than a quarter (26%) scoured blogs and forums for information on their applicants.

Have you ever uncovered unsavoury information about a candidate by researching them online? Share your social media nightmares below.