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Employee Experience Management: The Next Competitive Frontier

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Offering a best-in-class employee experience has become critical to organisational success in everything from attracting to engaging employees.

Yet leaders struggle with how to best understand and improve the holistic employee experience. While HR data has traditionally told organisations what is happening - such as peaks in regional attrition or low engagement levels - until now it’s struggled to explain the ‘why’ (an expensive gap considering the cost of losing fully-trained employees or the negative impact unhappy employees have on customer experience).

In this webinar by IDC and SAP SuccessFactors thought leaders discuss:

  • Why employee experience management is the next competitive frontier
  • How to utilise technology to drive a culture of feedback and improve employee experience
  • Innovative ideas and best practice regarding employee listening through technology
  • Examples of how companies are humanising their talent strategies and driving exceptional employee experience through data and insights
  • Recommendations for getting started

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