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Technology transforms the workplace


At our recent Ceridian UK annual customer conference, attended by over 600 people, the theme was how technology is transforming the workplace, and we were lucky enough to have Tom Standage, digital editor of The Economist as a keynote speaker.

For those of you that have not heard him, he’s great; he is one of those people who stretches your brain in many directions at once. Some of his themes were interesting, and showed a peek of how technology will impact how, where and when we work. 

For example, the number of desktop and laptop devices is now relatively constant; but the number of mobile devices has now outstripped them, and is continuing to grow fast. 

Previously, technology inside of work was better than technology you used at home. This is no longer the case; and this is causing pressure for employers to be more flexible: “Bring-your-own-device is the IT department’s Arab Spring” was one of his more amusing quotes. If your software cannot use these new devices, then it is increasingly becoming outdated and useless. 

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