Nick Laird

Cloud based technology is coming - ready or not

Why is Cloud-based a better way to use technology? How do you fit your processes around technology (as cloud technology will not fit around your unique needs, you need to be prepared to buy something...


Building a business case for change

Nick Laird, CCO at Ceridian discusses some of the changes he is seeing in HR and wider business practice.


Technology transforms the workplace

At our recent Ceridian UK annual customer conference, attended by over 600 people, the theme was how technology is transforming the workplace, and we were lucky enough to have Tom Standage, digital...


Social media for employers

People are changing the way they conduct their personal lives. Much more is public, much more opinion is shared, much less is taken as gospel truth, less store is placed on central and...


Employment law changes well intentioned but delivery drives complexity

Over the last few years, the complexity and cost of adherence to employment legislation has increased substantially.


Growth is not dead

We, and some of our customers, are experiencing growth, says HR and payroll firm Ceridian, co-sponsor of this year's HR Most Influential rankings.


Outsourcing – why and how you should lose non-core activity

Why outsource anything at all? Surely you can run it as well as any other party, and they only want to make a profit by providing to you? If these statements are true, then why should anyone do...