Line managers' role in workplace wellbeing


Research shows that the most common causes of stress at work are heavy workloads and management style

In every workplace every individual has a role in making it a healthy one. Implementing an effective health and wellbeing strategy carries with it distinct responsibilities for each employee group. As well as senior leaders, there is an important role for line managers, occupational health professionals where available, and employees.

Line managers are often on the frontline and therefore play a crucial role in ensuring employees stay healthy and feel well. But it’s imperative for businesses to invest in training and support:

• 50% say managers have been trained to manage stress

• Half think managers have bought into the importance of wellbeing

The CIPD/Simplyhealth Health and Well-being at Work 2019 Report shares insights and best practice, including a wealth of information about the relationship between line managers and workplace wellbeing. Plus you can download our line manager’s guide to helping teams thrive at work.