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Final chance to enter Working Families' Best Practice Awards 2020

There’s just less than a month left to enter Working Families’ 2020 Best Practice Awards, our prestigious awards programme for employers leading the way in work-life balance.

These awards are an opportunity to showcase - on a national scale - your achievements in supporting your employees, for instance:

  • How your policies and practices are helping to build a flexible and employee-friendly working culture for all;
  • How you are offering additional support to parents and carers;
  • How your initiatives are furthering career progression and increasing gender diversity and equality in your workforce.

Entry is free and you can enter as many categories as you wish. Tell us about your winning policies and practices in the following categories:

  • Best for Mothers (Sponsored by Arnold Clark)
  • Best for Fathers
  • Best for Carers & Eldercare
  • Best Family Network
  • Best for Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Best Innovation
  • Best for Flexible Working (Sponsored by Schroders)
  • Best Returner Programme
  • Best for Line Manager Support

Best Small Employer

Each award entry comprises of background questions to supplement your entry, and a narrative entry section, where you can tell us in your own words what makes your organisation stand out from others.

Entries close 28 February 2020. Register now!