Fall in migrant workers could cause skills shortages

A sharp decrease in the inflow of migrant workers could lead to a skills shortage just as the economy begins to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time to prepare for the 2021 Immigration System

It is anticipated 2020 will see huge changes to our immigration system causing potentially dramatic issues for employers and HR personnel, here we consider the key proposals

Supporting global staff in AIDS risk areas

There are many parts of the world where HIV/AIDS is rife, including those that are popular places to develop business

Business travel workers need greater protection

While HR can't predict every risk, extensive research and communication with expats will help mitigate most problems

Sending employees to Europe after a no-deal Brexit

The main areas for consideration are social security, access to healthcare, passport requirements and immigration

Mental health support needed at all stages of a global assignment

When an employee is stationed abroad there are distinct pressures that can put them under a great deal of stress

HR's role in safeguarding LGBT+ business travellers

With regional variations in law and culture to contend with, it’s essential that employees can travel safe in the knowledge their employer is looking out for them

Spotlight on UK expats in the travel industry

An estimated 25,000 UK citizens work in the EU supporting seasonal outbound tourism

How Brexit will affect UK staff working overseas

While Brexit remains as murky as ever it will certainly have an impact on UK expats working in Europe. Here's what could happen and how HR should prepare

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RES Forum research has identified key areas of attention for HR when it comes to global assignments

Back to basics... Health insurance for expats

Our back to basics series brings you top tips from industry experts on the bread and butter areas of HR

Six-month Brexit extension: HR community reacts

HR will play a significant role in steering their organisations through further uncertainty, ?as a new deadline of 31 October is agreed by European Union leaders