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Recruiting new candidates takes a month

The average hiring process was found to take 27.59 days


No all-white boards by 2021, FTSE told

Of 1,087 director positions in the FTSE 100 only 8% are held by people from minority ethnic backgrounds


Line managers not given tools to tackle absences

Less than half (44%) of employers train their managers to handle short-term absence


Work Capability Assessment consultation launched

The Work, Health and Disability green paper highlights how earlier treatment can help people stay in work


Will living wage rises deter companies from signing up?

The voluntary living wage rate (separate to the National Living Wage) has risen to £8.45/hour, from £8.25


Hire for values to build brand ambassadors

Anne Jaakke, global HRD for lingerie retailer Hunkemöller International, on recruiting for values and attitude


Tribunal rules Uber drivers are not self-employed

The employment tribunal called the argument that drivers should be classed as self-employed contractors and not be eligible for basic benefits "faintly ridiculous"


Cary Cooper: HR should be proud of its senior women

Manchester Business School's Cary Cooper was inducted into the HR Most Influential Hall of Fame this year


HR future leader of the month: Nicole Graham

HR magazine speaks to the future leaders of the function about what they think will shape it


Do CBI's plans risk "throwing the baby out with the bath water"?

Experts weigh in on the Confederation of British Industry (CBI)'s maternity leave extension plans


Insights from HR Tech World

?As HR Tech World draws to a close, here are some of the best insights from speakers and exhibitors


Autistic people can add value to business

They have strengths such as accuracy, an eye for detail, tenacity, and the ability to see things differently