Hiring managers hit by Brexit uncertainty

As the prime minister cancels the crucial MPs' vote on her Brexit deal, hiring concerns have mounted for businesses

Fall in non-EU migrants causes 'supply shock'

Hiring plans are being affected by worsening skills and labour shortages, partly as a result of a drop in the number of migrants working in the UK

Employers criticise May's claim that low-skill migration will fall post-Brexit

Employers have criticised an 'alarming' report for its lack of evidence surrounding the impact of migration on the economy

Brexit migration report: HR community reacts

A report that suggests EU workers coming to the UK should be given no preference for visas after Brexit has recieved a mixed response

Brexit whitepaper leaves questions unanswered for employers

The government has released a whitepaper stating that free movement for skilled workers and students must be recognised post-Brexit, but crictics say it lacks detail

Severe labour shortages predicted

?Falling migration due to Brexit and an ageing population could create a perfect storm