Three ways to build a fertility policy

The IVF Network hosted an event yesterday (2nd November) in London to discuss what employers should consider when building a fertility treatment policy.

HR must break the IVF taboo

Many employees worry that disclosing their fertility journey to their employers will negatively affect their careers, according to founder of The IVF Network Charlotte Gentry.

Channel 4 launches fertility support policies for workers

Broadcaster Channel 4 has partnered with fertility testing service Hertility to introduce reproductive health and hormone testing to its employees.

Co-op launches fertility leave policy for 60,000 employees

Co-op has rolled out its new fertility treatment policies for employees and their partners who are going through the process.

Redundancy fear leads women to hide IVF from employers

More than half (58%) of women don't disclose their IVF treatment to their employers out of fear for losing their jobs.

Supporting staff undergoing IVF

IVF is a highly prevalent but under-considered issue in UK workplaces, and there are areas where HR can assist employees

IVF: Dos and don’ts for employers

The number of women having children in their forties has more than quadrupled in the last 30 years. Many now turn to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) to start families later in life. Often they are at a...