Hr models

Outsourced HR could see a spike in investment in 2023

There has been a 41% increase in outsourcing services since pre-pandemic in 2019, and business process outsourcing, which includes outsourced HR, is one of the areas expected to see a substantial rise...

Why we need a new model for HR: part 4, people analytics and science

Evolving the HR operating model is a strong calling for the people profession and not, as some might have you believe, more HR for HR’s sake.

Agile: how HR is changing shape

As HR sheds ways of working from the past, agile HR is emerging as a new paradigm. But what does it really mean? And what does the profession need to make a change?

Why we need a new model for HR: part 2, outlining HR 3.0

In the final part of the first instalment of this series, I left readers to ponder three things, one of which being a departure from three verticals in the existing dominant business partner model.

Why we need a new model for HR, an introduction

Wherever I turn, whoever I speak to in HR roles (be they in talent acquisition right through to organisation development, change and engagement work) I see and hear the same thing: We’ve never been...

Can shared services provide a quality HR service?

The popularity of shared services is rising rapidly across all sectors - but what does this mean for the future of HR? We convened a panel, in partnership with Perceptive Software, to debate the pros...