Hiring process

Case study: How NCVO is boosting over-50s’ entry into charity work

For people aged 50 and over, a new programme is helping break down barriers into charity work, the programme’s founder explained to HR magazine. 

Watch: Where do you draw the line with social media screening?

Is there a limit to the amount of screening companies should do of candidate's social media? We put the question to our expert panellists from in the latest HR Lunchtime Debate - now available on...

Are CVs the best way to assess candidates?

Most firms still use CVs as the main way of screening candidates, but almost the same number have considered cutting them out completely.

Employees who 'fit in' more productive

Cultural fit has a large bearing on productivity and attrition, but this is still a blind spot for HR

Don't overlook intuition when hiring, research urges

Intuition is often an overlooked part of hiring, with a significant gap between how important HR and senior business leaders view this, according to research