Criminal records

Employers worried about candidates with criminal records reoffending

Employers are anxious that hiring candidates with criminal records could re-offend, according to a Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) survey.

Ex-offenders a “massive untapped resource” in talent crisis

Employers are losing out on a huge talent pool by not considering people with criminal records for employment.

BAME people find it harder to overcome a criminal record to find work

BAME individuals with criminal records face 'double discrimination' when trying to enter employment, according to research

Sajid Javid: Remove small criminal offences from job applications

Job applicants with criminal records may not have to disclose small and minor offences to employers under new proposals from the home secretary

Supreme Court rules against 'disproportionate' criminal record checks

Employers and HR have been told to review their hiring processes, as the Supreme Court rules in favour of three people who claim their lives have been ruined by past minor criminal convictions

Collecting criminal records during recruitment not GDPR-compliant

Charity Unlock has issued guidance for employers around hiring candidates with criminal records