Brand design success is down to the HR function, not the marketing function

I work in brand design and over the years I’ve learnt that the head of HR is often my most important ally in a client business. Many people may have guessed the marketing department, but they’d be...

Climate 'lip service' stalls progress and leaves employees flat

Many British businesses see climate policy merely as a branding exercise, rather than something fundamental to future growth, research suggests.

Ghosting on the rise in recruitment

Almost two thirds (65%) of UK adults have been ghosted during the recruitment process, negatively impacting candidate experience and employer brand.

KPMG, Apple, BrewDog: How should HR handle a media storm?

Several private companies have found themselves at the eye of their own media storms this year as employees have taken to the press or social media to air concerns about company culture.

Brand vs culture – Does it matter?

Imagine this: a market leading organisation, admired by customers, lauded by industry experts, loved by shareholders. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Yet on the flipside, employees in the same organisation...

The science of storytelling in recruitment

Authentic storytelling can drive new talent to organisations, according to speakers at a PathMotion and Immersion Neuroscience event