Big data

Algorithms on the job: data-driven wages and discrimination drivers

As with all things to do with AI, algorithmic or 'algorithmically personalised' wages is a hot topic.

How to lead with data in times of crisis

Organisational transformation is often fraught. But when crisis necessitates it - due to market changes, shifts in leadership, or, indeed a pandemic - having data that can guide large-scale changes...

Putting people on the analytics map, part one

People analytics has been around for decades, but HR has yet to fully tap into its bounty. In this month's cover story, Beau Jackson finds out what’s holding them back.

People analytics: what decisions should HR be making?

HR should bring data to every decision. This does not mean every decision should only be driven by data – but every decision should be informed by data.

Why HR needs to embrace ‘the rise of the machine’

When machines can beat humans at our own games, what future is there for the humans? And in the age of Big Data and AI what are the implications for HR? Iain Moffat computes the possibilities


The growing role of big data in reward strategies

'Big data' presents both a challenge and an opportunity for reward.