HRMI 2022: Emma Parry, professor of HR management, University of Cranfield

Emma Parry is a professor of HR management and head of the Changing World of Work group at Cranfield School of Management.

Her expertise focuses on the impact of the changing external context on managing people, including the influence of technological advancement, workforce demographics and changing workforce attitudes on work, the workplace and the workforce.

Parry’s passion lies in working with organisations to help them address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities resulting from the changing world of work.

She has advised a broad range of organisations and government departments on these issues including the Ministry of Defence, CIPD, NATO, and UK Home Office. She also has a leading role in two international research networks examining the influence of national context on human resource management.

Parry is a fellow of the British Academy of Management, an academic fellow of the CIPD and an honorary fellow of the Institute for Employment Studies (IES).

She has published nine books and numerous papers in both highly ranked international journals and in practitioner outlets. She is also the chair elect of the British Academy of Management.


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Emma Parry ranked 3rd on HR magazine’s list of HR Most Influential thinkers in 2022.

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