HRMI 2021: Natalie Ellis, Founder, Rebox HR

Ellis is an HR consultant at Rebox HR, having started her consultancy in March 2020, two weeks before lockdown. Since then, her business has significantly grown by providing a high-quality HR service to over 60 clients throughout the UK and won Best Virtual HR Consultancy in November 2020.

Ellis is responsible for delivering best practices and providing HR advice to SME’s with a unique commercial approach. She is passionate about helping employers to realise their potential by empowering their people, and educating business leaders on the importance of good people management, producing cultures of fairness, consistency, and equality. She advises on the entire employment lifecycle, including employment relations, performance, leadership development, and organisational design.

A familiar face in HR and national publications, Ellis is highlighted as an industry expert and keynote speaker. A key achievement was the creation of the “HR Acts of Kindness” social media movement in 2016, designed to unite workplaces following the Brexit announcement.

Ellis was determined to continue inspiring the future of the profession during the pandemic. She has helped to motivate and inspire over 200 HR students by giving virtual talks to universities and colleges. In November 2020, she published her first book Launch Your HR Career to help aspiring HR professionals find their feet.


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Natalie Ellis was ranked 53rd on the list of HR Most Influential Thinkers in 2021.