Gervase Bushe, professor of leadership and organization development, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University

Bushe’s career spans more than three decades of transforming organisational structures, cultures and processes

He earned a PhD in organizational behavior from Case Western Reserve University and is an award-winning author of more than 100 papers and three books on organisational change, leadership, teams and teamwork.

For the first 15 years of his career Bushe focused on the design of collaborative organisations and the change processes used to transform large command and control organisations. Over the past 20 years he has been studying the leadership and organising processes needed to make these new organisational forms function effectively and the transformational change processes that create great organisations.

Bushe has won the prestigious Douglas McGregor Award twice for his research papers on organisation development. His best-selling Clear Leadership (2009), a book on the skills of collaboration at work, has been translated into six languages. Dialogic Organisation Development: The Theory and Practice of Transformational Change (2015), builds on his ground-breaking research into new methods for leading organisational change and has gathered international acclaim. His newest book, The Dynamics of Generative Change, offers an alternative to the planned change approach, more suited to complex organisational issues.

Bushe has consulted to blue chip corporations, start-ups, the public sector and business corporations in a variety of sectors. A recent organisational transformation, described in The Change Champion's Field Guide (2013), helped a southern California healthcare company’s employee engagement scores go from the 61st to 91st percentile of all American hospitals in three years.

His training and development company Clear Learning supports managers who want to lead highly-collaborative teams and organisations through practical applications of his theory of partnership-based organisational design and leadership. More than 100 certified facilitators have trained tens of thousands of managers in North America, Europe and Asia in his models and methods.

A sought-after keynote speaker, he has given talks and courses on leadership and organisational change in Canada, the US, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Bushe is an associate with numerous organisational development institutes around the world, including the Roffey Park Institute in the UK.

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