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Chris Roebuck, organisational success advisor, honorary visiting professor of transformational leadership, Cass Business School

Chris Roebuck is a stalwart of the HRMI Thinkers list having appeared nine times since 2009, including this year

Roebuck consistently adds value to the profession year on year via not only helping HR professionals directly but also by enabling CEOs and senior line managers to better understand how HR can add value for them.

Roebuck has been both a line manager and an HR practitioner. He has held leadership roles in the military, business and government so truly understands how thinkers' ideas must deliver practical success and return on investment. Roebuck was previously global head of leadership at HSBC Investment Bank and UBS, where leading-edge projects won awards and are now part of a Harvard case study on delivering business success through people. The mentoring and coaching programme he initiated in UBS has also been used as a best practice case study in various books.

Roebuck's broad experience also encompasses London Underground, HSBC, working with SMEs, the NHS and local government, so he has seen the best and the worst that both leaders and HR deliver to their people.

His approach blends the use of case studies, research data, neuroscience and consumer behaviour with simple day-to-day practicality. Most people he speaks to and works with globally are not HR but senior leaders where he sets out a compelling business case and simple actions to unleash personal potential and for partnering with HR for success – thus getting business leaders to want to proactively work with HR, which then makes HR's task significantly easier.

He also helps HR audiences understand how best to 'sell' what they do by showing how to maximise the performance via creating a 'we not me' culture, which can get 30% more effort from 60% of people and potentially add 10% to bottom line.

Roebuck also gets his ideas across via his writing and on television. His first book on leadership was translated into 11 languages, he co-authored the first book on strategic leadership development, he regularly writes for HR magazine and has been interviewed on TV more than 350 times as a business and leadership expert.

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