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Wunderman's inclusive approach to health and wellbeing

Looking after employees’ health is seen as a long-term investment at digital agency Wunderman

Businesses should embrace an inclusive attitude towards health and wellbeing according to digital agency Wunderman, which has just launched a new wellbeing programme.

Pip Hulbert, Wunderman’s UK CEO, told HR magazine that the digital agency's London office hopes to encourage a comprehensive take on health and fitness for the 350 employees working there. The agency’s recently-launched programme Well Beings includes an all-purpose, on-site wellness centre, and features activities such as HIIT sessions, yoga, meditation classes, mental health first aid and business coaching.

Hulbert said that employers’ health and fitness strategies do not always reflect the needs of a diverse workforce. “Some of us on the team have completed triathlons, but we know that everyone’s levels of fitness are different and not everyone will enjoy the same activities,” she said. “We wanted to create a space that would feel like a second home, and would have something for everyone.

“Lots of organisations might have a gym on site, but we wanted this to go beyond exercise,” she added. “For us it’s really about equipping employees to have the skills to look after their health. We run a range of activities; from showing people how to make healthy smoothies in the morning before work to helping them wind down with a massage.”

Hulbert said that while many employers now recognise wellbeing as a workplace issue, employees often feel unable to make time for their health because of pressure at work. “We want to signal to everyone that they have ‘permission’ to take time out and that wellbeing should be seen as a priority in business,” she said.

Hulbert commented that looking after workers’ health is a long-term investment: “Wellbeing is something all companies should be involved with to futureproof their employees’ health. It’s crucial that senior management provide it, and that it comes from the top. That way wellbeing starts to become part of company culture.”

Poor health and wellbeing continues to be a concern in the workplace. According to research from CV-Library, a third (29%) of UK professionals believe that their jobs are making them overweight, with 75% of those affected unhappy at work.

Wunderman is part of WPP, a global digital agency with 175 offices in 60 countries.