Whitepaper calls on HR professionals to embrace big data


HR professionals risk falling behind the curve if they do not use big data effectively, according to a report by talent and RPO specialists Cielo.

The Talent Activation Index is based on a survey of 750 global HR and talent management professionals. It suggests 72% of companies classed as leading employers rate their use of data and analytics to drive strategy as “very effective”.

In contrast only 6% of poorly performing businesses rate their use of analytics highly. Recommendations for harnessing big data more efficiently include leveraging existing HR systems and applicant tracking systems to exploit data in more meaningful ways.

The whitepaper also highlights ways HR teams can collaborate with other departments to share knowledge around uses for big data.

Cielo executive vice president Sue Brooks urged HR functions to see big data as more than a “buzz term”.

“It is already providing a competitive advantage for many leading businesses when it comes to managing staff and identifying key potential talent,” she said. “Perhaps the biggest barrier is the misbelief that this requires the implementation of complex or expensive systems.

“But that’s simply not true, because most organisations already have many of the necessary tools at their disposal.”