Businesses not using data effectively, say IT professionals

The majority of IT professionals are concerned companies are not effectively using the data they collect, according to research by IT jobs board CWJobs.

The survey of 288 IT professionals found that 90% of IT professionals believe less than 50% of organisations put data to good use. Worryingly, 50% of IT professionals believe less than a quarter do it well.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) of professionals believe most businesses do not appreciate the contribution data scientists can make and 63% think more should be recruited.

A part of the problem is that there are not enough higher education choices for those looking for a career in data science, according to 70% of respondents.

Additionally, 72% believe the government is not doing enough to meet its goal of "becoming a world leader in big data".

Almost half of IT professionals said they would be willing to invest their own time to learn the necessary skills.

CWJobs sales director Mike Black told HR magazine the government could do more to support data science.

"Recent plans to invest £42 million into the Alan Turing Institute of Data show they are taking it seriously," he said. "Data science presents huge opportunities for businesses. We believe that the government must take action to help companies understand how to make the most of data at their fingertips."

Black added that employers risk falling behind their competitors if they "fail to utilise data in an increasingly competitive marketplace".

"Smart analysis of the data they hold can help businesses to identify new market opportunities, as well as finding ways to more efficiently manage their day-to-day operations," he said.