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Think-tank launches app to link CSR to L&D


Kite Foundation, a not-for-profit think-tank, this morning launched an app initiative that unites corporate social responsibility (CSR) and charitable giving with learning and development (L&D), providing businesses with a long-term solution to the major issues of learning transfer and wasted training budgets.

The Kite Foundation (Kite) uses app technology and is designed to engage and motivate employees at all levels, cut training budget wastage, and generate sizeable donations to charity. With a fundraising target of £300 million, Kite aims to support good causes at home and abroad through partner charities nominated by its patrons.

Despite global expenditure on training in excess of £420 billion, only 5%-20% of what is learned in the classroom is transferred and applied to the workplace, leaving behaviour virtually unchanged and performance unimproved. As a result, businesses are losing more than three-quarters of their investment in training each year.

Kite enables a personal development dialogue through a bespoke in-built app, and supports learners in applying newly acquired capabilities within the workplace. Learners are motivated to transfer their skills and take part in a sustained nine-month learning programme through the pledge of donations in their name to a good cause, funded by their organisation.

Donations can also be 'earned' by line managers, who are known to play a pivotal role in the learning transfer process, creating an open environment where learner and manager are jointly inspired. Their progress and donations are logged in a personal 'passport' as a record of their achievements.

Commenting on the potential of the initiative to boost CSR within the workplace and the subsequent impact on learning transfer, Kite founder, Robert Terry, said: "Through Kite, organisations can demonstrate their commitment to CSR in a manner that enhances their corporate and brand reputation.

"Over time, their workforce will re-energise, performance will improve, managers will reconnect with teams and significant cost savings will be made. To date, the initiative has had a tremendous response, with 100% take-up across the board and I predict it will revolutionise the way businesses participate in CSR programmes in the future."