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The good, the bad and the downright disgraceful: Christmas party horror stories


Confessions of love, inappropriate pictures and booze: it's enough to make you want to cancel the whole thing...

With only four weeks left until Christmas, many HR departments are preparing for the office party. And it’s not all frock-discussions and decoration planning. For some what their employees might get up to after a few too many sherries is an ominous prospect.

Igniyte, an online reputation management company, asked 1,000 employees about their Christmas party experiences, and their responses might well surprise…

  • Those in the travel industry are apparently prone to blurting out things they should really keep to themselves. Four out of 10 (40%) have tried to flirt with a colleague at an office party, and 15% told a fellow employee they didn’t like them, only to regret it the next day. More than a quarter (26%) told someone they fancied them at a bash, but surprisingly that strategy seemed to work out pretty well as 42% have managed to sneak a kiss under their boss’ nose.
  • For those in the marketing and advertising sector, last year’s party is probably still recalled with a shudder. More than a third (35.5%) of staff in this industry have vowed they will not drink as much as they did at the last party, and 4% of them admitted they have (on at least one occasion, sent an inappropriate picture to a colleague while in a festive mood that they later regretted.
  • Be ready for a quiet office the day after if you work in energy and utilities. One in five (19%) employees have had to stay home and nurse their hangover after a Christmas party. Those who’ve managed to make it in may well have spent the night sleeping on the sofa, as 14% have previously been dumped by a partner disgusted by their party antics.
  • If you’re in the property sector it might be best to cancel the celebration now. One in 10 (10%) of your employees have previously received a warning about their party performances, and 8% lost their jobs as a result. Big plans are being hatched by 26% of workers in this industry, as they hope to tell a colleague they’re rather partial to them.
  • But it’s not all bad news. The finance, manufacturing and production sectors are surprisingly well behaved, with only 6% of finance workers planning to inform a colleague they dislike them, and just 17% of manufacturing and production workers expecting to regret their party banter the day after. How very restrained.

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