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The best way to get a pay rise this year is to change jobs


Only 35% of employees think they will receive a salary increase this year - and 15% are getting a pay rise only because they are changing jobs.

Research from Monster shows 44% of staff have been told they will not get an increase in salary and a further 21% do not think their pay will increase because pay rises are ‘unpredictable' at their organisation.

The figures come only a day after the Hay Group reported 2009 pay rises in the UK will be among the lowest in the world.

Julian Acquari, at Monster UK, said: "For anyone who was hoping for a pay rise this year and is no longer certain of getting one, a good way to achieve this is through changing jobs. Although many companies are freezing pay, we are still seeing movement and competitive offers in the job market, Competition will be higher for jobs, but for the right candidates the opportunities are definitely out there."