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Stress hits women more than men

Women are more stressed than men when it comes to financial worries.

A survey from Bupa shows the credit crunch has left women feeling more pressured in the workplace and worried about their finances. Nearly half of women report stress in their everyday lives compared with 40% of men.

Half of the women surveyed are experiencing stress particularly in the workplace compared with just over a third of men, while 60% of women worry about their finances compared with less than half of men. One in five women lose sleep due to pressure.

Paula Franklin, deputy medical director for Bupa UK Health, said: "It's not so much about the battle of the sexes - but battle of the stresses. Women are certainly bearing the brunt of Britain's stress both at home and in the workplace and the situation is being worsened by the impact of the credit crunch

"At turbulent times like these, when stress levels are soaring, looking after your health and wellbeing must be a priority."