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Our top interviews with... the finance sector


We look back at some of our best interviews with HR professionals working in the finance sector

Ever wondered what HR professionals in your sector are up to? Then look no further, as these curated collections will give you the lowdown in no time.

Here we look to the financial sector. The past few years have been very turbulent, with trust levels remaining low and new scandals still being uncovered. So what can this sector do to rebuild its image and culture?

Interview with Neil Roden, ex group HR director of Royal Bank of Scotland

On 1 October 2010 Neil Roden ended his 10-year reign as group HRD at RBS. This is his last exclusive interview as HRD, his final word on the matter of 'what went wrong' at the bank. "I see all the facets other HRDs won't have seen," he argues.

Culture and compliance at Standard Chartered Bank, Tracy Clarke interview

Compliance and culture are the latest focus of Tracy Clarke, a woman who’s reached the top of Standard Chartered Bank. Clarke’s ascent through the ranks from regional branch teller to the office of the CEO is a sign of talent and hard graft, and is an encouraging indicator of HR becoming ever more critical to business.

Talent management at Metro Bank

Find out why Metro Bank is careful to always provide clarity and context when talking talent. “Language is so important because it all starts with culture,” says chief people officer and HR Excellence Awards 2016 HRD of the Year contender Danielle Harmer. “You need to reinforce the culture of your organisation in every way you can.”

Taking care of the pennies at TSB

TSB was banking's newest contender in 2014, but how did it differentiate itself in a competitive – and still struggling – sector? Born out of a divestment from Lloyds Banking Group, TSB has positioned itself as being a ‘challenger bank’ that focuses on simple high street services. “What I’ve learnt about banking is that the bigger and more complicated you are the more things can go wrong,” TSB’s HR director Rachel Lock says.

Taking stock: HR at LSEG

During the recession financial services, and big banks in particular, became less attractive destinations for socially-conscious graduates. Tim Jones, group head of HR at London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG), says the organisation benefited in terms of recruitment at the height of the crash. Why? “I think because although we are associated with financial services our heritage and values, like integrity, were attractive. Graduates wanted to join us on the back of that," he says.

Nationwide's HRD on reward and doing the right thing

Alison Robb, group director for people, customer experience, communications and commercial lending, joined Nationwide in 1996. At a time when financial institutions are under an immense amount of scrutiny, Robb brings something critical to the table: regulatory experience. “Although the content is different, the approach in building relationships with the regulators and the quality of the data they are looking for is consistent with what I had been doing in finance,” she says.