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Online recruitment launch boasts candidate anonymity

An online recruitment site, 2Apply.co.uk, allows candidates to apply for jobs anonymously, in a bid to tackle discrimination.

Recently launched 2Apply.co.uk also safeguards employers against discrimination claims, by ensuring personal details, such as age and gender, are hidden from job applications when firms select for interview.

It is hoped this will mean candidates will be judged on their merits and employers be able to compare applicants more objectively, in turn speeding up the recruitment process.

The site hopes to safeguard firms against employment laws, which are becoming increasingly stringent. Employers face fines and legal action if accused of discrimination.

The site is free to use for both candidates and recruiters and founders hope 2Apply.co.uk will give employers greater confidence in managing recruitment in-house, rather than relying on costly external agencies.

Peter Abraham, MD at HR4UK, which launched the site, said: "Without the right resources, recruiting staff can be a costly and potentially risky process for many companies.

"We are seeing a significant increase in the number of firms affected by the changes in employment law and hope our new site will make it easier for companies to employ staff professionally, legally and effectively.

"Candidates can apply safe in the knowledge that they are being judged solely on merit, so it really is something everybody can benefit from using."